So I started Arang And The Magistrate yesterday. Its pretty cool so far. I really enjoy watching the kdramas based in the Joseon Dynasty period. My favorites so far were Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. Anyways this show is more unique then the others. It’s about ghosts, heaven, hell, shamans, and magic. It is a magical experience. 

I have only gotten to episode 5 so far. It’s basically about a young man named Eun Oh played by Lee Joon Gi, soon to be the new magistrate.

He has the ability to see ghosts and runs into a young female ghost played by Shin Min A, who has amnesia.

She doesn’t know her name or anything about her death and past. Trying to get the help from Eun Oh who refuses sense he does not like ghosts. He then decides to help her with the hope of some clues to help him find his mother. I haven’t seen much so I can’t tell more but the basic plot of the story is uncovering the young ghost’s past and finding Eun Oh’s mother. Maybe a little love story between the two as well. lol :) 

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